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Although the Bay Area has lots of education opportunities, you may be interested in finding a culinary school outside of the San Francisco area. Find a school somewhere else in California or out of state.

Becoming a chef isn't for everyone. The health care field is one area where employers are constantly looking for qualified individuals. While going to medical school to become a doctor may be out of your reach, but you can certainly try your hand at nursing. Nursing isn't for everyone either, but most nursing programs are designed so that each student learns right away whether or not they are cut out to be a nurse. Learn more about nursing and your possible health care career.

A related field is dental care. In a typical dental office, there are dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants. Again, becoming a dentist might be a reach, but training to become a hygienist or an assistant is very doable. Training programs are relatively short and graduates can get placed quickly. Learn more about working in a dental office.

Or if you already have a bachelor's degree, you can start working on your master's degree. In most professions, you either need a graduate degree or you don't need one. In business, however, having a graduate degree in business -- an MBA -- isn't usually necessary, but it is recommended, especially if a person is interested in future advancement. Read more about graduate degrees in business.

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