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Education and Career Possibilities

Pretty much any kind of college degree or field of study is available somewhere in California. Besides the big public colleges and the well-known private universities, there are also all kinds of specialty schools (music schools, art schools, dance and acting schools) and vocational training programs available. Explore your choices for whatever lies ahead.

One career area that is popular in southern California is fashion and design. There aren't many colleges that have degree programs in fashion design. Degrees in this area may often be either bachelor's degrees in fashion marketing or fashion merchandising. You can learn more about a career in the fashion business. Students can also specialize in interior design. There aren't a lot of interior designing schools out there, but ambitious students can figure it out.

If attending classes isn't possible with your personal commitments either because of a physical condition or family or work responsibilities, there is an increasing number of online classes and online degree programs that may work for you. Now more than ever before, if you want to further your education, you have some good options. Learn more about online classes and degrees.

And if you want to get out of California to attend school, most major cities have at least one good culinary school. Some cities have more opportunities than others -- New York and Chicago are two of the top cities.


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